Rathergood t-shirt ideas

Spoon menace

Instead of Spoonguard I am suggesting Spoon Menace; it’s more fun and more subtle that way. If there was ever anything subtle about rathergood :>

Spoon menace!

Spoonguard ruined this man’s life!

Character shirts

A sub-series for everyone’s favourite rathergood characters. Katherine would love to see the Giant Bee, I’d like Blode, or the Crab of Ineffable Wisdom dressed up as Sherlock Holmes; blokes can have Blode and the lassies can have Griblit on theirs. And all the characters I’d forgotten, like the Norse Gods, or the musk ox (how is that for subtle?) There is a large array of people from Jamie and his magic todger through to Mark Llama so a vote would be needed ;)

Here are some more

My sister would prefer the Giant Bee one (she loves the Giant Bee too!) on a pastel blue shirt with some flowers, so maybe something more like this:

I am a computer nerd and we all wear black ;)

And don’t forget PsiWaldo...


All ideas and designs on this page copyright Joel Veitch (because I say so, assuming that I ever had any rights to any of it in the first place; probably not) except the t-shirt template which is taken from my ThinkNerd work and is copyright me (but use it anyway if you’re that desperate ;) I drawed that in Photoshop I did. The PSD of the character shirts is here and is half a meg. I did bring up the maroon tee layer but it looked crap – something to do with not being able to ever calibrate any of my crappy old screens I imagine ;)

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